UK Parliament petitions, above and beyond

Server computers in a rack

We all know that running a website is hard – a lot harder than it looks from outside. So we at Web Matters have huge respect for the hard-working folks who run the UK parliament petitions website, which has been taking quite a battering over the last couple of days.

We believe that democracy is important, the web is great for delivering democracy, but the web Isn’t failproof. It’s all too easy to complain when websites are down, but hard to make it so that this doesn’t happen. The people at the Government Digital Service do a great job, pushing the web forward in terms of accessibility to information for all.

While tech can’t fix everything – in fact it adds challenges to many things – it can be a useful tool. And at this crucial moment in our democracy tools like this to make the voice of the people heard are more important than ever.

So bravo to the people who keep the tech which supports us going!

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