All Day Hey 2018

All Day Hey 2018Hey, thanks for visiting Web Matters.

We’re really pleased you’re interested in making the web industry more professional, and representing ourselves to the government to ensure that laws which affect us are sensible. We’ve been too politically quiet for too long as an industry, and it’s great to see people working on the web – like you – realise we can do better.

There’s lots more information to help you understand what we’re about. We have a manifesto, and you can read about what we do and who is involved.

We’ve started to put together useful resources, such as documents explaining the issues we’re tackling. All the information you need about membership is here, and you can join our Slack team.

Finally there’s a 20 minute video here which explains why Web Matters is needed for the UK web industry (filmed at Hey Stac in February 2018, although since then the Home Secretary has resigned which makes bits of this video old news!).

If you have any more questions please get in touch – our Slack team is the easiest way – we’d love to talk with you.