The full details on membership will be agreed at our inaugural Annual General Meeting, but we have already determined some principles, of which the chief one is that of individual membership.

Individual membership

Membership is open to individuals, not to companies. This is so that the many members of our industry who work entirely through freelance and/or short-term contract roles, and who are never affiliated with any employer, can still be a part of an industry body.

This also means that your membership stays with you even if you change companies or roles. Anyone who makes a living working on the web, in any role, on any platform, is welcome to join.

If you’re interested in joining please read our manifesto to see what we’re all about, then leave a comment below. We’ll be in touch with details after our inaugural AGM.


  1. I’m only at the very start of my tech career but as someone who believes that this industry needs more than a few awards ceremonies as representation, I’d be interested in becoming a member. How do I go about it?

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