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Web Matters has published its initial round of Industry Issues briefings for web professionals, policymakers, the media and anyone interested in the continuous improvement of the open web. These documents will serve as a key point of reference when advocating on behalf of our members and engaging with others. In line with our collaborative ethos and our support for the open web, we’ve open-sourced these documents, and we welcome contributions from anyone who is interested. More briefings are in the pipeline – watch this space!

View our Industry Issues Briefings

The web industry faces many challenges. From ignorance or mis-reporting of technical concepts to serious threats to the nature of the web itself, these challenges are real and must be tackled. Web Matters was born in response to issues like these, with the aim of working together with fellow web professionals, policymakers and other relevant stakeholders to advocate for our profession and the open web.

Our first three Industry Issues briefings are:

  • Net Neutrality – the principle that all web content should be treated fairly and equally is a vital component of the web. Without it,  competition and freedom of expression are threatened.
  • Encryption – Properly-implemented encryption, especially end-to-end encryption, ensures that individually and organisations can securely and safely exchange information and money online, keeping them safe from criminals and other hostile parties.
  • Two-Factor Authentication – a technology that guards against hacking attempts by providing a second line of defence in the event of a password breach.

Get involved with Industry Issues briefings

As always, anyone interested in contributing to Web Matters can join our Slack team. We have an #industry-issues-docs channel for discussing these briefings, plus a #website channel for discussing the website as a whole.

If you would like to contribute to our Industry Issues briefings, you can help us finish existing drafts or suggest/write a brand new briefing.

On GitHub, we currently have the following drafts to complete:

If you have a suggestion for a new topic, feel free to open a GitHub issue, or just comment on this post.

In order to contribute to current drafts or improve a published document, you can do the following:

  1. Create a GitHub account, if you haven’t already got one.
  2. Fork our Industry Issues repository.
  3. (Optional: clone your forked repo to your computer.)
  4. On your forked repo, create a new branch describing your intended changes (e.g. accessibility-improvements).
  5. Edit a document on your newly-created branch.
  6. Commit these changes. If editing locally, you’ll also need to push them to GitHub.
  7. Create a pull request comparing your branch to the main repo’s master branch:

For more help with contributing on GitHub, check out this pull request explainer on Open Source Guides.

View our Industry Issues Briefings

Watch this space for more briefings in the near future!

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