About Web Matters

Web Matters is a new, independent, member-driven industry association for those who create and work on the open web.

We are developers, programmers, designers, and business owners across all languages, platforms, roles, and years of experience.

We are called to come together in response to growing political and social uncertainty, direct threats to the profession, and a lack of vocal and proactive representation to organise as a representative, independent, and politically responsible industry body.

What does Web Matters do?

We exist in order to advocate on behalf of our members, our profession and the open web to regional and national governments, the general public, the media and other relevant stakeholders

Our main objectives are:

  • Inform others about issues affecting the open web, and the people and organisations who work on it.
  • Consult with our members and the web community at large to better understand their needs, concerns and desires for their profession and the open web.
  • Persuade governments, the general public and other relevant stakeholders to support and/or take actions that will be of benefit to our members, the open web and its users.
  • Amplify the communications of other organisations and individuals that are aligned with Web Matters’ stated aims and the interests of our members.

We intend to fulfil these objectives through direct activism, our Blog, Industry issues briefings, media appearances, guest articles, and engagement with consultations, working parties and committee hearings.

What makes Web Matters different?

We represent people, not companies.

We will not settle for the status quo when we believe that there are meaningful improvements to be made.

We are not afraid to speak truth to power.

We will advocate forcefully on behalf of our members and the open web.

We will never hide behind lobbyists or PR agencies – if we believe in something, we’ll say it ourselves.

For more details, read our manifesto.

Who is involved in running Web Matters?

At our inaugural AGM we appointed 7 committee members:

Chair: Alan White (@monkeymake_xyz)

Secretary: Damian Sefton (@drgs100)

Treasurer: Charlie Wood (@CharlieAtHead)

Communications Officer: James Sheasby Thomas (@RightSaidJames)

Ordinary member: Dave Potter (@MainplusUK)

Ordinary member: Heather Burns (@WebDevLaw)

Director: Orde Saunders (@decadecity)

All of our committee members are unpaid volunteers. In addition to our committee members, we have additional volunteers contributing their time and expertise, for example by running our website, contributing to blog posts and other content, or running one of our fledgling local chapters.

Web Matters Ltd is a private company limited by guarantee – you can view our Companies House record here. We are not a registered charity.

How can I join Web Matters?

You can join as an individual for £20 per year – more details on our Membership page. You can also help us to build and shape our organisation by joining our Slack team.