Welcome to Web Matters

Web Matters is a new, independent, member-driven industry association for those who create and work on the open web.

We are developers, programmers, designers, and business owners across all languages, platforms, roles, and years of experience.

We are called to come together in response to growing political and social uncertainty, direct threats to the profession, and a lack of vocal and proactive representation to organise as a representative, independent, and politically responsible industry body.

Recent blog posts

Web Matters is born

14th September 2017 0

Tuesday the 12th September 2017 will be remembered as the day that Web Matters officially came into being. We can now emerge from our underground lair and cry: it lives!

Web Matters supports the fight for Net Neutrality

10th July 2017 1

On 12 July an Internet-wide day of action is planned in support of net neutrality. Web Matters wholeheartedly supports this action, which has been organised by Fight For The Future and other organisations.

Launch event

11th May 2017 0

Our public launch event was held on Thursday 11 May at FanDuel’s office in Edinburgh.